Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shut up and put your money where your mouth is....

This was me, one year ago, on my very first trip to Vegas..... needless to say, I had a good time!

Every year, my friend Callie goes to an annual Veterinarian conference in Vegas, and last year she invited me to crash in her room to enjoy the city. She had spent a summer there interning while she was in vet school, and her stories, and documented pictures led me to believe that I had been missing out on an incredible experience...... and she was right.

So here I am again, so anxious I can't even sleep, 10 hours away from heading to the airport Vegas bound, for a fun filled weekend in a city that I am completely in love with...

Last year's visit did not disappoint. It was 4 days filled with bright lights, tall drinks, delicious food, and unbelievable shows. But as much fun as I had, there was one missing element....ummm...aren't you supposed to win big in Vegas?
Sadly, that was not the case last year. I returned home far poorer than I came. I could blame this on a lot of things, first of which, my frugal-ness. I mean, you kinda have to spend money to win money right? My designated $50 of gambling money quickly left me one evening at the $5 blackjack table. Okay, let's be was $150 dollars, wasted away at the slot machines, roulette tables, and my very silly roll at the craps table.....

But not this year my friends....this year will be different...I present to you... MY SECRET WEAPON!!!

Today at work, I stepped in and did a tour for a client from Denmark. Let's be honest, it was not my overwhelming attitude of helpfulness that compelled me to take on this venture as a favor. I was the only person in the office to fill in today, while everyone else was out. The clients were very gracious and kind, and even though I put my best foot forward to sell my hotel, (IN THE SNOW!!) a big part of me really wanted me to be able to rush home, anticipating the very long commute that this unexpected inclement weather had presented me with. ( I mean seriously Atlanta.... snow???) At the end of the tour, our client whips out his wallet and presents me with a very clean $1 bill.

He says to me, "Christina, I know you are going to Vegas (pronounced Wegas in his Danish accent) tomorrow, and I want to give you zis very special dollar. I have been to Wegas many times, and I always come back a "vinner". Zee first time I went, I put all my money on one number on the roulette table. That number hit on zee first roll. One my second visit, I put one dollar in the slot machine and I won $750. I want to give you zis dollar, with my signature. Put zis in the 25 cent machine in zee casino at New York New York, and YOU TOO will be a vinner this year."

I can feel it my friends. I have been feeling it all week......THIS is my year. I will come back richer than I came!

Speaking of money, I want to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful "sponsor." He is my ever loving, hard working, husband, who for the second year in a row, ships me off to Vegas, cash in hand, to enjoy Valentine's day with my friend. Ken and I have never been the couple that is completely stuck on holidays. This is mainly because he finds so many regular old days in the year to do extraordinary things for me. It doesn't have to be my birthday for him to surprise me with a gift, or a holiday for a special night out. When he knows there is something he can do to put a smile on my face, he just does matter what day it is.
I snapped this picture tonight, and this perfectly describes how I find him every night.....sound asleep, laptop open, because he was up late still working to be the best provider he can be for his wife.

Win or lose....I have already hit the jackpot.....

I can't wait to update next week and let you know how it all unfolds!!


lesli said...

you have a great husband! i hate that the weekend you're going is the one weekend i have plans! boo! win big sister! xoxo

Terri said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO. did you win?