Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Lesli!

The difference of 365 days is...... this year you are going to be hugging on your husband and not mine! :-) We Love You!!

Get yourself back to Chicago sister! Miss your guts!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

4eva i love atlanta.....

If you know me, you know how much of love the city of Atlanta. When i was in college, it was the only place i wanted to live and start my career in, and luckily i got that opportunity. I will always look back on that time, and cherish it because of all the fun I had and the wonderful people that came into my life, who are still my closest friends today.

Yesterday marked two years since i have moved away and one would think that after all that has changed in the past two years, that this time in my life would seem like a lifetime ago... but i think it is because i hold that time in my life so closely to my heart, that it never seems like a distant memory...

Before I left, my friends sent me off with a bang. I had one of the most fun nights of my life; my farewell party, filled with music, dancing, big hugs and well wishes. I remember making the guest list and thinking, "how in the world do i know all these people?", but they all showed up, and we had a blast....(well we had a blast till at least about 1:30, because i don't remember much after that)

Ken and i recently purchased a condo, and although i am so excited to be a new home owner, a part of me was sad. It finally hit me that, although i so deeply want to return to the south, that might not happen for a long time now, and my life is here in Chicago indefinitely.... My aunt viv (who has moved several times , far away from her friends and family for her husband) gave me some of the best advice. She told me to fill my condo with everything that i love, cover the walls with pictures of my friends, family, and happy times in my life..... and even when it is windy, cold and snowing, i will always feel at home.....and it worked.