Friday, March 20, 2009

i love the 80s......

Terri throws the best parties...we all know this, but this one i think by far takes the cake. There is a running joke with Terri's friends that i don't live in Chicago, because every time she throws a party, i fly 800 miles to be there....they think that in fact, i probably live at Terri's house. When she told me that her and Adam were throwing an Ultimate 80's Prom Party i knew i had to be there... big hair and sequence?? I'M IN!!

So then comes the biggest question... what to wear? I had been searching online for a few weeks, and lost a couple of bids on E-bay. This was very frustrating for me, because i decided very early on that i HAD to have the best costume, so that i could be voted Prom Queen. This was my one shot! The week of the party, i found this atrocious dress, and knew i had to have it.

Terri went all out as usual.... there were balloons EVERYWHERE, beer pong and darts in the garage, lots of yummy 80s snack food, and an awesome playlist of music. To top it all off, there was a prom picture setup where everyone got their picture taken. The pictures were then printed and posted on a wall so that everyone could vote for Prom Queen and King. Can you guess who won Prom Queen??
The Prom King (Sean) and i both had our high school dream answered...about 10 years too late. Next year we will have to hand off our crown to someone else, but we will be sure to enjoy our reign until then! Here was some of the competition:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Jamaican Vacation....

My sweet friend Shari got engaged last year, and had always known she would have a destination wedding. After the excitement of it all, she decided on the Riu Montego Bay, a brand new resort in Jamaica. I wasn't completely sure if my recession budget was going to be able to be able to handle the extra expense (I am working on my 6-8 months salary savings...Suze Orman called me and told me to tighten up) but my husband the workaholoic, insisted that he needed a vacation. Who am i to argue with that?

So I did all my beach shopping, and was completely excited about leaving Chicago's -20 degree weather and wind chill to relax on the beach with a mai-tai in my hand and a stack of books to read. I was jilted from this dream on Tuesday when my hubby came home from work early because he was sick. After running a fever of 103+ for 3 days, we decided that unfortunately, instead of heading to the airport, we were heading to the hospital.

He had the flu, and spent 7 days sick and shut in. I know you wives and girlfriends out there know what its like when you have to take care of your guy when he is sick. Men become the most pitiful, helpless human beings on the face of the earth. It gave me a real reality check on how life would be if i were a single mother. He woke me up in the middle of the night sick, i was waiting on him hand and foot, and cleaning up vomit. But all in all, after the first couple of days it wasn't so bad. Don't get me wrong....i certainly wanted to choke him half the time. I think it just provided an opportunity for both of us to reflect and be thankful for each other. After cleaning the house from top to bottom, doing all the laundry, taking out trash, walking the dog (in the snow!), grocery shopping, cooking 3 meals a day, and several Walgreens runs, i realized even more just how much he helps me out, and how much i appreciate it. I impressed him with my caretaker, and suzy homemaker skills, so i think i might have made a good enough impression that he might agree to giving me my dream job one day....... HOUSEWIFE!