Friday, February 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

Don't you just love these things? Here you go Allison!

10 years ago:

I was in 10th San Antonio, TX getting ready to move to Georgia, in the middle of high school... needless to say, i wasn't too happy about it

Things on my to-do list today:

Getting ready for a weekend in Atlanta, so i will be pretending to work all day, then scooting out as fast as i can to go catch my flight

What would I do if I was suddenly became a Billionaire?:

I have always had this dream of leaving for a trip with nothing packed.....just going with my purse and the clothes on my back to different destinations all over the world....buying what i needed when i got there, and shipping it back home before i left to the next destination... i think i could do that for at least 3 years... and hopefully write a novel during that time...i would help out my family and friends financially, then i would collect children from all over the world like Brad and Angelina, buy a big house and raise a big family....

Three of my bad habits:

1) I am much too hard on myself... i am my own biggest critic

2) I am not always the most punctual person

3) I can always find something more fun to do than doing what i should be

Five jobs I have had:

1)Camp Counselor


3)Day Care Worker

4)Front Desk Agent

5)Sales Manager

Three things people don't know about me:

1) When i was a little kid i used to love to lay in bed in the morning and dream up adventures.... as an adult i still do this

2) I have a crushed bone in my left hand that will never heal (an old cheerleading injury)

3) I like to talk on the phone and look at myself in the mirror at the same time...(random i know)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The long overdue, story of my " i do"

I recently realized, that enough time has passed, that i can now tell the story of my wedding. It was the most stressful week of my life to say the least, but certainly one of the most awesome experiences. I look back on my pictures now, and though i remember all the horror of the day (because i could go on and on about all the craziness that happened), i smile to myself. I have reached a point where i can laugh at all of the mishaps of the day, and tear up about all of the wonderful moments that made that experience truly unforgettable..... all the small stuff, really doesn't matter...and i am thankful for that too... the fact that i remember all of it.....

I woke the morning of my wedding with a room full of my friends... we had all had a fun filled night at my karaoke bar-b-que rehearsal dinner, so the morning was packed with laughter and recounting stories from the night before. My friend Terri started a chorus of "Going to the Chapel" and, in perfect harmony, they all serenaded me before we set off to get our nails done. My friend Dianna, who is a hair stylist, came over to my parent's house, and everyone ate, and talked while we each had our turn with her. I had a long bath, my friend Kori packed my wedding night bag, and we were off to the chapel..... and that pretty much ends the un-chaotic part of the day....

Once I got there, i realized that though i had remembered everything else, I had forgotten my engagement ring? Oh, and my underwear too... yes i strolled in the chapel that day totally commando... didn't even realize it until i was hugging the Chaplin outside of the church....but it was a beautiful sight once i arrived.....

Not to worry, my mom brought my missing items from the house, and all was well. That is until, i was told that my cousin knocked over one of the candelabras and set a flag in the church on the wedding was delayed... don't think i did not consider that if the church burned down.. that might have been a sign that i wasn't supposed to get married.... but we took care of it pretty quickly, cleared the smell from the chapel, and the wedding started.....

The ceremony was short and sweet, just how i wanted it. My wedding musician and singer were great, everyone looked beautiful. We said " I Do", snapped some pictures and were off to the reception.

Which was a BLAST! My colors were black and white... i wanted it to look very formal and vintage, but feel very warm and comfortable... i think i accomplished this with the colors, my deep red roses, soft candle lighting, paired with my southern inspired buffet dinner..... My band was awesome, the food was great, i danced the night away and caught up with people i hadn't seen in years. I was truly amazed and honored by everyone there... i remember realizing that very night, just how many people i have around me that love me, love Ken, and support us...

My favorite things:

  • Although my cousin almost burned the church down, he brought a crew from his production company, and did all my wedding pictures and video... FOR FREE! And they turned out great...

  • My band couldn't have been any more perfect... they even did a special Beyonce' medley for me... and we runwayed... yes, in the middle of the reception

  • I really loved the way i looked... i had agonized over diet and exercise for months, but when it was all said and done, i was truly happy with the finished product

  • It was a family affair.... if i ever questioned how my family felt about me, i found out that week... my aunt's threw my rehearsal dinner, my cousin took care of photos and video, my uncle performed the wedding ceremony...everyone wanted to help out, and it made all the difference..

  • My friends showed up for me... i can't say enough about how great they were... they did everything exactly how i wanted it, calmed me when i was crazy, made me laugh when i wanted to cry....from my breakdown in the parking lot of a Michael's in Skokie about wedding ribbon (with Lesli)... to my kick a$$ bridal shower and bachelorette party.... hands down... i have the best friends ever....

But most important, i married Ken, who is the most wonderful person i know... i will never forget the way he looked at me, and how honored i felt standing there, holding his hands...people always ask me how i felt that day; if i was nervous, had second thoughts, sweaty palms... and i always respond the same...

I told my mother after our second date that he was the man that i was going to marry... and 3 1/2 years later, marrying him was the most natural, comfortable, and exciting thing i have ever done...